- Melon wrapped in proscuitto
- Devilled eggs with anchovies & capers (optional)
- Fresh fruits and vegies with savory dip
- Smoked salmon mousse on cucumber rounds
- Marinated shrimp with fruited seafood sauce.

- Cherry tomatoes with lumpfish caviar or herbed cheese and chives
- Gravalox on brown pumpernickel bread with a dab of creamed mustard
- Avocado and chevre on a light biscuit
- Smoked salmon on a crispy chip topped with sour cream & capers

All meals begin with an assortment of fresh warm bread with a variety of tapenades


- Chicken, pork, beef sate with spicy thai peanut sauce
- Mini sausage rolls
- Curried chicken bites with coconut/sesame dip
- Marinated scallops, green onion and ginger
- Sweet & sour meat balls, red pepper & pineapple
- Tartlets with melted brie & herbs, or spinach & feta
- Mini dill crepes with crème fraiche; pencil asparagus & mustard; or spring onions/ginger/sesame
- Puff pastry with shitake mushrooms, cognac, crème fraiche & herbs
- Mushrooms caps stuffed with spinach & herbs

- Scallop wrapped bacon
- Mushroom caps stuffed with spicy herbed cheese
- Tiny brochettes with herbed antipasto
- Phyllo triangles stuffed with mushroom surprise
- Mini quiche

C. SALAD SELECTIONS (choice of one with table d'hote meals)

- Caesar salad with romaine, croutons, parmesan cheese, bacon (optional) and creamy anchovy garlic dressing.
- Watercress, bibb & leaf lettuces, radicchio, red onion, carrot slivers, currants & nuts & fruited vinaigrette.
- Green beans, walnuts/almonds, feta cheese, red onion with herbed balsamic dressing

- Caprese salad with bocacini, fresh basil leaves and balsamic vinaigrette.
- Salad nicoise with tuna, potatoes, anchovies, eggs, fresh beans and baby lettuce leaves in a mediterranean dressing.
- Pasta salad with tangy dressing

D. ENTREES - DINNER SELECTIONS (served Table d'Hote with fresh bread tapenade, salad and dessert selections, as well as tea & coffee
- Country style hot/cold buffet - (varied food selections to suit)
- Country-style ham baked in apple cider served with sweet/spicy mustard, scalloped potatoes and selected vegetables
- Bbq chicken, creamy potato salad, home-made cole slaw, marinated vegetables, garnishes & condiments
- Roast turkey with gravy, savoury whipped potatoes, home made stuffing, baked squash or other seasonal vegetables
- Boneless chicken breast with mustard cream sauce - bbq/grilled with savoury rice, seasonal vegetables & garnishes
- Chicken breast stuffed with ricotta/spinach, herbed lemon wine sauce, roast potatoes or savoury rice and vegetables hip/roast beef with roast or whipped savoury potatoes and seasonal vegetables
- Prime rib of beef au jus, garlic roast potatoes, glazed onions and selected vegetables
- Medallions of beef tenderloin in herbed cognac/wine sauce, choice potatoes or rice and selected vegetables
- Fillet mignon or strip loin steak seas0ned with dried pepper melange, baked or mashed potatoes and vegetables
- Roast lamb, rosemary & pink peppercorns served with mint sauce, herbed potatoes and grilled vegetable medley
- Poached fillet of salmon in mustard fennel sauce or lemon butter, with wild rice pilaff and vegetable medley


- Roast duck with cherry sauce, garlic baby potatoes or savoury rice and assorted grilled vegetables
- Roast cornish game hen or qual with orange tarragon sauce, savoury rice, green bean & vegetable medley
- Beef or salmon wellington stuffed with mushrooms and served with a madeira sauce, garlic potatoes and asparagus
- Pork tendeloin with hunter’s gravy (or with aplle/crnberry stuffing) with sweet potatoes and ratatoille
- Succulent roast chicken with granberry and waterchestnut stuffing, pan roasted potatoes with selected vegetables 

Prior to desert a fresh sherbet may be offered as a palette cleanser upon request

E. DESSERT SELECTIONS (choice of one with table d'hote meals)

- Dark chocolate almond cake with chocolate ganache or raspberry coulis
- Orange chocolate almond/hazelnut torte with creme fraiche
- Framboise chocolate cake
- Golden glory cream cheesecake
- Orange almond cake with buttercream frosting
- Carrott cake with cream cheese frosting or creme fraiche & lemon
- Mixed berry medley – seasonal
- English trifle with sherry, custard, poundcake, fruits, almonds, cream
- Chocolate mousse with grand marnier whipped cream


- Chocolate slice with whipped cream and strawberries
- Delicate crème brulee with a zest of lemon
- Creamy cheese cake with a swril of chocolate chips

Taxes & 15% Service extra
Prices include china & linens etc.